Lugburz Sleed - a band that does not adhere to any ideology or any religious trends. We believe that it is of no importance for humanity, as we are against humanity and "human nature"; wishing death to others, we do not forget about yourself. This is expressed in our musical creativity. Drugs, alcohol, and other fun - we like it (and use for nice sounds), and we also are making a contribution to their "cultivation". We do not consider ourselves to the musical style of "black metal", sometimes we go far beyond this style. Why our logo contains an inverted cross? We say: "poshel-na-hui". Other questions you could ask in email. Little chronology:

The band was formed by Karmaged January 20, 2004 in Chernihiv (Ukraine) under the name "Enslate", the musical material began appearing in 1999. In 2005, the group was invited vocalist Kaswarh. Both participants were familiar from past projects of Dmitry L. "Deathna River", care of both of the group was tied to interpersonal relationships and divergence of views on music. In spring 2007 Karmaged went to the army. After returning from the army group was renamed "Lugburz Sleed".
Early records are listed as Darkwave/Black Metal (before 2008 - "Second Side Of Death" (2006) and "Black Roses In Our Mind" (2007) demos). In 2008 a pilot was recorded experemental demo-album ("Epoch of Twelve Streams" (2008)) in the style of Raw Black Metal, which was later (2009) reissued in cassette format (66 copies) on the label Northern Lights Prod.. Also in 2008, was recorded and released on Rigorism Prod. first full-length album, "Epoch of Former Times" (2008) (100 copies), at the beginning of album-record the group joined drummer Svaor, after which the group has ceased to do experiments with sound and established itself in the style of Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal.
In 2009, also on the label Rigorism Prod. released EP-album "Transcendence" (100 copies). In December 11th, 2010 was completed split "Constatation - Hebephrenia" (3 Way Split Cancer (Ukr), Semargl Wings (Rus) & Lugburz Sleed), in 2010-2011 we not found label for release this split and we make this free-to-download.
In autumn 2011 the group was invited bassist Tartarus. In 2012 we release 3 internet-releases free-to-download, with bootleg/rehearsal records: EP-album "Demo 2011", Single "Lugburz Sleed" and Single "zriz(h+-)her".
Currently (2012-2014) we are working on second full-length album in the style of Depressive / Post-Black Metal... or... something else... and we have plans to release a split with the band Urgewalt (Ger).
We finish and release free-to-download full-length album "...Derail" in December 2014.
Now (2014-20XX) we are working in Experimental Electronic Music styles: Space Ambient / Psychodelic Noise / Space Black Metal (maybye) / Post and many other Drug-sounds.

Current lineup:
Kaswarh - Vocals
Karmaged - Guitars
Svaor - Drums
Tartarus - Bass

Alcohol-Drug-Intoxication Black Metal Band: